What We Have Been Up To In 2022

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take - Wayne Gretzky” - the wise words of Michael Scott. 

Even though the quote is meant to be funny (and isn’t truly from Wayne Gretzky), there’s truth in this. 2022 was the year of going 100% in and trying new things to benefit you! We took chances, we saw growth in ourselves as we learned something new every day, added more team members, and added services to make your experience working with us better. 

We saw amazing growth within our own team; we’ve grown from 5 to 12 employees. We added Bianca and Pat to our production team, Tara, Stefanie and Cindi to our account management team, along with Abby to our embroidery department. Last, but not least, we added a program coordinator, Jo, to assist with online programs and design. With the new additions, we are able to be more attentive to you. 

Growth in Services 

We’re in our second year of in-house fulfillment and embroidery and seeing amazing growth in this area. An additional team member and embroidery machine has made it possible to keep up with your orders and get them out lickety-split. Kitting and fulfillment projects continued to roll in and we are poised to take on more in 2023. 

Not only can we fulfill orders but we have space in our warehouse for your company store merch and other timely necessities, i.e. tradeshow displays, giveaways, printed materials, onboarding kits, etc. We’ve seen a downsizing in corporate office space and the need for offsite storage has come up again and again. 

Tech Savvy  

We worked on streamlining processes to make it easier on us and you. We invested and leaned into company stores to solve some of your biggest headaches. Our company stores take out the stress of ordering and give your employees an easy shopping experience. They get to pick out fun swag and we do all the work for you. 

Another technology integration we launched are client and project portals; with client portals you are able to view your order history and even place orders, while project portals allow you to check on order updates. We’ve been rolling the client portals out slowly, so if you haven’t seen them yet, you will soon! Cutting out the back and forth on order updates makes it easy. Portals allow you to see what’s happening at each stage of your order, view order history, access shops, and start a new project. 

Watch Out 2023 

We’re so excited to see what 2023 holds for us! We’ll be re-launching our wellness division, Swellness. We’re looking forward to attending trade shows, as attendees and exhibitors. 2022 has been an incredible year and we couldn’t have done it without YOU. We cannot wait to continue this wild journey with our team, you, and whatever comes our way. With that being said, Goodbye 2022, and Hello 2023. 

At Hello Promo we offer more than just merchandise. We are problem solvers, project managers, turn-around-time magicians, product creators and shoulders to lean on when you need help. We partner with you to provide tangible extensions of your brand. We are here to offer recommendations, ideas and creative solutions inspired by YOU. Contact us today at info@hello-promo.com or by calling (866) 864-2602. 

Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja