5 Ideas for Earth Day

Hey, eco-champions! With Earth Day fast approaching, it's time to ramp up our eco-efforts and keep the sustainability vibes flowing year-round. Forget one-day wonders; let's make green living our daily jam! Whether you're planting trees, tidying up trash, or embracing energy-efficient swaps, there's no shortage of ways to show our planet some love. We're all about solutions that not only talk the talk but walk the walk. So, drumroll, please! We've handpicked five fantastic gifts to keep the Earth Day spirit alive and kicking. Let's dive in and celebrate our planet, one sustainable choice at a time!

Rocketbook Infinity Core Executive Notebook

Blast off into eco-friendly note-taking with the Rocketbook Notebook! Scribble away, then watch your ideas soar as they seamlessly transfer to your device for eternal preservation. This makes a great addition to your next conference or office meeting. 

Out of the Ocean Reusable Large Shopper 

Make waves in sustainability with the Out of the Ocean Reusable Large Shopper! Crafted from recycled ocean plastic, each tote removes the equivalent of 3 plastic water bottles from our oceans. Elevate your next tradeshow with this eco-friendly alternative.

Recycled Desk Mat 

Level up your workspace sustainability game with our Recycled Desk Mat! Crafted from recycled rubber, this eco-friendly essential not only protects your desk but also reduces environmental impact. Perfect for any office or event, it's a stylish statement of sustainability.

Refresh Glass 

Sip sustainably with the Refresh Glass! Crafted from recycled wine bottles, each sip becomes a toast to environmental consciousness. Elevate your corporate party with these eco-chic glasses that turn every pour into a statement for the planet.

Modern Sprout Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set 

Ignite appreciation and growth with our Modern Sprout Glow and Grow Kit! This dual-purpose ceramic vessel transitions from a candle holder to an aloe planter, providing lasting beauty and sustainability. Ideal for client or employee gifts, it's a thoughtful token that keeps on giving.

Every Day is Earthy Day 

So, whether you're celebrating Earth Day or just spreading everyday eco-love, why not make your next event a beacon of sustainability? From reusable notebooks to bags crafted from ocean plastic, the options are as endless as our planet's potential. Dive into more eco-friendly ideas at our trend shop here and let's make every day Earth Day!

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Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja