Looking Back on 2023: Year in Review

Ah, 2023 was the year of unleashing our wild ideas! We went full throttle into tech, jazzing up your experience and finally pulling some of those cool concepts off the drawing board. Let’s take a peek at our adventures this year – from revamping stuff to throwing in some nifty new features!

One of our biggest highlights was the relaunch of Swellness, our wellness division. It's been a passion project for us, and we felt it was time for a refresh. Swellness now proudly showcases a range of wellness-focused kits and products designed to energize both mind and body while boosting employee engagement. Plus, we've recently welcomed Jenn Stockhill to our team to help drive this division forward.

But wait, there’s more! We cooked up a Demo Company Shop, and a playground to give you a sneak peek into what your company store could be like. Our brainiac co-owners, Jamie and Stephanie, decided to base it on their favorite flick, "Glengarry Glen Ross." This demo shop takes you step by step through the make-believe real estate biz of Mitch & Murray. Cool, right?

And if you haven’t seen them already, make sure you check out our Trend Shops. It's the ultimate hotspot to browse through our hand-picked favorites. We're all about staying on top of the latest trends, and these shops get a yearly makeover. What you see in each shop is a curated collection from our brilliant team of SWAG specialists. Get ready for a burst of inspiration for your next gig or event!

This year, we decided to shake things up and cook up some rad ideas to level up your experience! The demo shops? Total labor of love by Jamie & Stephanie. Swellness? Got a makeover this year, and the evolution continues into the next! And of course, the Trend Shops? They're your go-to for sparking those brilliant ideas.

Saying goodbye to 2023 feels bittersweet, but we're revved up to dive into the mystery that is 2024!

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Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja