Why to Start Thinking About Branded Holiday Merch NOW

We love the fall season as much as you do. We love a good pumpkin spice latte on a brisk fall morning and we haven’t even hit fall weather yet. So you may think we are crazy when we start sharing about holiday shopping in MID SEPTEMBER. And trust me, we think it’s wild too. With the pandemic that continues to linger on, it has caused a few obstacles prolonging typical production times, so now is the time to start ordering your branded holiday merch. 

The holiday season is typically busy as is, but throw in COVID complications and it’s going to be chaos. The pandemic continues to impact global supply chains causing inventory shortages, extended replenishment times, increase in costs, and inadequate freight capacity. Not to mention the global staffing shortage which is all a part of extending production times. Our crystal ball is currently showing us that this is most likely going to create delays well into 2022. 

Open communication is one of our values here at Hello Promo and during the toughest times we will continue that. Transparency is the only solution with the current climate in our industry.  Our advice to be on top of holiday gifts for employees and clients is simply to start now. Let’s start a conversation today and help you share holiday JOY in a timely manner. Time is what will make magic happen! 

Look, we aren’t saying don’t soak in the fall season, please do. But why not grab ideas from our holiday look book, our upcoming blogs, and holiday social posts while sipping your pumpkin spiced latte. Get ahead and beat the chaos, check out our 2021 Holiday Lookbook here

Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja