What to Think of When Sending Out Direct Mailers

When my dog spins around and barks like a lunatic at the door, it means only one thing: A PACKAGE IS HERE! Even though my dog is going nuts, I can’t help but feel like a little kid when I receive a package. It doesn’t matter if I ordered it myself or if it’s a surprise from someone else. It feels like Christmas EVERY SINGLE TIME. It definitely is an extra bonus when it’s a surprise that I didn’t know about. It makes it that much more special that someone cared enough to send me something and it brightens up my day! 

Direct mailers do that for clients or team members. No one is going to scream at the door when they receive a package. The suspense of what’s in the box or who is this from will keep the receiver on the edge of their seat. Sending a package with goodies in it as a self promo inspires joy and reminds the receiver that you care about them. 

It may be overwhelming to even think about direct mailers and self promos. Like UGH where do I even start with what I would send. We are here to help you brainstorm some awesome ideas. When we give self promos, we typically think about the time of year or season. We also think about practical things that people will enjoy. We also love a good theme! You also cannot go wrong with punny slogans for the items you choose. 

Our recent self promo was inspired by the season we are currently in, Summer! We wanted it to feel like summer in a box when the end user received it and wanted to be practical for the time of the year. We stayed away from anything that would melt this time of year; we love chocolate but it did not make the cut in the box due to that reason alone. Hello Promo loves snacks just as much as the next person so we picked out temperature safe snacks like trail mix and key lime cookies. We pictured someone enjoying this kit outside either poolside or chilling on the porch. We tossed in a fun waterproof speaker that someone can blast music while they enjoy their day. 

Coming up with ideas for self promos can be hard and overwhelming. Thinking of seasonal items and going from there is a good place to start! Honestly, treats are always a good go-to. Who would hate getting a box full of snacks? We understand that getting started can be the hardest part so Hello Promo is here to help! Reach out for ideas or check out our blogs to get your creative juices flowing. 

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Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja