How Product Trends Have Evolved into Retail Feel

A common word in our industry that we have heard over the past year is: RETAIL. Products with a retail feel have been breaking through the industry and are definitely trending. Retail is what is sold in stores and available to the public. Noticing a trend, such as retail, can help you decide on what to use for your promotional products.

Retail in Apparel

If you go to your local Target (or any clothing store) you can see what is popular in mass retail. You’ll see an increase of athleisure – including “comfy clothes” such as cropped hoodies, loose tanks, and workout clothes. Apparel experts in the promotional products industry are watching this trend and increasing their inventory of athleisure items, similar to this  cropped hoodie pictured.

Retail in Drinkware

Pop of color is a common trend in retail drinkware – and we have seen that in products in our industry as well. Examples that we see in retail outlets including adding a subtle pop of color on the inside of a mug, or a bold color of a water bottle. Color attracts the eye and brings attention to the product which is why it is so important in something that is an everyday item, like drinkware.

Retail in Totes

At a store, you can notice that design, texture, and color is added to basic items like a tote bag to make it stand out. Within the last year, sequins and the flip color of the sequins, have been hitting stores everywhere and are popular across generations! Our industry pays attention to trends like these, which is why  you can now find sequins in a lot of different promotional products.

Retail and Promotional Products Industry

Keeping tabs on trends, and forecasting what will be popular is an important part of our job. We strive to keep up with, and even ahead of, what sells in retails stores. If we take a look at what catches our eye in public, we can gather ideas for our clients.

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Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja