How Athleisure is the New Work Uniform

Last year was a year that most people had to adjust to, and this included the huge adjustment of working from home. Working from home, comes with a new sense of style and wardrobe choice: athleisure.

Athleisure Staying Here for Good?

According to Forbes, we may see more than half of companies deciding to continue to work remotely in 2021. Working from home and being comfortable goes hand in hand, and as more companies permanently switch to remote, the standard business casual will go out the window. While working at home, who wants to be confined to dress pants all day? Athleisure gives a name to comfortable clothes that are a little more elevated and trendy. Here are 3 reasons why athleisure is the new work uniform:

1. Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Your employees are working hard even while at home. When someone is comfortable in their own clothing, it increases their motivation to be productive.

2. Looking more like a team! When the whole team is rocking an embroidered ¼ zip, it can make the company look cohesive and more personal.

3. Branded clothes = free marketing. A company branded sweater is another place where you can put your logo where future clients and clients can see EVEN virtually!


Athleisure is the trending work uniform as more companies decide to permanently work from home. Being comfortable shouldn’t be hard to come by. Athleisure brings an elevation to comfy clothes and can bring cohesion among employees. Whatever this year brings, we are here for you every step of the way. Click here to check our 2021 Trend Watch Shop for more ideas!

Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja