Gifts to Feel Good About

Inspiration can stem from almost anything. I feel most myself when I’m on a hike or near the water, just taking a deep breath and absorbing the beauty around me. We as humans unconsciously do things that harm our planet, so it’s important to make choices, when we can, that will have a positive impact. You have a choice as a consumer to choose sustainable items over ones that can be wasteful; you have a choice to choose gifts to feel good about. In a company, you can make decisions that make your environment a more sustainable workplace. We’ve put together a few ideas. 

Let's Go Hiking 

Enjoying the outdoors isn’t just good for the spirit but for the planet too. Take a break outside the office with your team or plan a hiking adventure for a team-building event. Whatever it looks like to you, take a minute to enjoy the outdoors; it’s a good reset from the every day 9 to 5. When it comes to gifting, think about what can be used outside. From outdoor blankets to durable drinkware and everything in between, encourage your clients and employees to go outside and explore. 

Grow Your Own Garden 

You don’t have to be a garden expert to grow your own garden. Start small and bring it to the office. Encourage everyone to unleash their inner green thumb by having a little garden either outside the office or inside! Make it simple and fun. Share the love of growing by gifting mini grow kits at your next event. 

Ditch the Single-Use Plastics 

Plastic can take more than 400 years to decompose (National Geographic), which is a big problem for the planet. Discourage the use of single-use plastic in your company by gifting reusable totes or drinkware. Look for sustainable brands, like Klean Kanteen, when searching for reusable items. Klean Kanteen makes high-quality drinkware to reduce the world’s dependence on single-use plastics. Every time you place an order, one percent of the sale is donated to environmental nonprofits through a partnership with 1% for the Planet

Decrease Your Energy Consumption 

TV and video games can be fun, but it’s essential to unplug from time to time. Light some candles, read a book, or play a board game with friends for some rest and relaxation that helps conserve electricity. You can gift items like candles and games that encourage employees and clients to unplug. Good & Well Supply Co. soy candles are a great addition to any kit, are all-natural and ethically sourced. 

Reuse As Much As Possible 

Not only do plastic grocery bags take hundreds of years to decompose, but they also use a significant amount of oil to manufacture. Switching to reusable grocery bags is an easy way to cut down on two different types of waste. We love the message that Fill It Forward shares. They inspire to reuse in an interactive way by placing a QR code on their reusable items. 

Give Gifts You Feel Good About that will have a positive impact when we can

Sustainability is important to us; when giving ideas to you we want to show you items that have longevity and a purpose. We love this planet and want it to be around for a very long time. The importance of taking care of our planet is essential to us. We’re also proud members of 1% for the Planet and give one percent of our sales annually to environmental nonprofits. 

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Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja