Helping an Illinois med device startup stay hydrated (and caffeinated) with branded tumblers

At Hello Promo we love helping our clients solve problems. Like PhotoniCare, whom we’ve worked with for the past three years. Historically we have helped our PhotoniCare with trade items like banners and giveaway items like pens. In this order, however, we helped to connect them with a supplier partner in order to meet a need in their new manufacturing space.

The Request

PhotoniCare reached out to us with a very specific request. They recently moved their medical device startup from a co-working startup incubator space on the campus of the University of Illinois to a new office in Champaign, Illinois. The office space also includes manufacturing space – perfect for their next phase in the development of their company.

PhotoniCare is required to adhere to very specific requirements for their manufacturing space, in which one requirement is that there be no open food or beverage containers. This might not seem like a big deal, but for a startup working around the clock to get their product to market, they need coffee, tea, and water on hand all the time. Well, who are we kidding, they need coffee, coffee, and more coffee all hours of the day.

PhotoniCare asked our team if we could come up with an insulated, spill-proof mug that is easy to use and easy to clean. We immediately knew a great option for their need is the popular 16 oz. Contigo West Loop 2.0 stainless steel tumbler.

Branding the Product

The next request from PhotoniCare was to brand the mug with their logo. PhotoniCare has two different logos, a full color horizontal logo and an icon logo. We worked with their team to mock up two different designs to see which would fit best on the mug. The process only took a few days from the time they made the request to our team through to the time we were able to submit the order to production.

The Finished Product

The finished product was the PhotoniCare icon logo, centered towards the bottom of the mug above the manufacturer logo. We were able to get the mugs shipped and delivered just in time for the team to begin working in the manufacturing space. Last we heard, the team is well caffeinated and enjoying their new mugs.

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Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja