Cheap Swag is Out and Sustainable Sourcing is In

Since 1970, the first Earth Day, the world has been informed on the impacts we have on our planet. With climate change on the rise and our planet letting us know that we need to do something NOW, businesses are seeking out opportunities to lessen their negative impact on the environment. We believe in being conscious of the promotional products we offer and of the supplier partners we choose to work with.

Evolution of Sustainable Goods

Sustainable items come in all kinds of variations, including reusable items, recyclable items, and items that replace amounts of plastic with wheat or bamboo. Within the last few years in the promotional products industry, the availability of sustainable products have increased immensely. It started with reusable items to reduce single use items such as tumblers, tote bags, straws, and utensils. Within the last year, there has been an increase of products that use sustainable materials that can be recyclable or overall decrease the use of plastic in material. Beyond the products, there have been supplier partners who have made changes in how they are producing products and running their companies that are more eco-friendly.

Our Supplier Partner Bloomin Promotions

We love working with awesome supplier partners who are environmentally conscious in their production  of promotional products. Bloomin Promotions is a great example because they are the number one supplier for seed paper. Who may have seen us discuss seed paper a lot on social media and wondering what’s so great about it? Seed paper is plantable paper that is 100% compostable and an amazing replacement to wasteful paper promotional products such as bookmarks, postcards, flyers, and so much more. Bloomin has made being sustainable their mission – even so far as utilizing solar power to energize the production of their products. We love working with a supplier like Bloomin who gives us the option to have eco-friendly alternatives for popular promotional products and for turning something as simple as paper into something beautiful.

Conscious Promotions

Mother Earth needs our help – and we need to work together to lessen our negative impact on the environment. The promotional products industry can make a huge impact by collectively choosing items that GROW awareness and give back to the earth (instead of take away from it). Let us connect you with sustainable and eco-friendly products! Reach out today to learn more.

Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja