Business Casual Has a New Meaning

If there is a silver lining in this whole experience, it’s that you don’t have to get dressed up for work. Who has loved not having to get dressed up for work? Who has missed getting dressed up for work? The poll results just came in, 99% of people have enjoyed not having to get dressed up for work, while 1% of people miss it.

In all seriousness, from everything we’ve read in the news, social distancing, periods of isolation and remote work will continue until there is a vaccine. Many parents just received the news that their children’s school has been canceled for the remainder of the school year. Some states have extended the shelter-in-place through May. It seems like we may be working remotely for a while still. At this point in the game, people are eager to get back to work (and away from their kids – did I say that?) and maybe for some new clothes!

We wanted to share some fun ways you can perk up your employees with casual apparel to add into their WFH wardrobe. Not that they wouldn’t love getting a new t-shirt with just your logo on it but try adding a funny or motivational saying to perk up their day.  And who knows, your dress code might be a little different when people start coming back into the office.

Here are some work-from-home apparel ideas that will keep employees comfy and feeling inspired.

Chief of Conference Calls “Can everyone go on mute?

Director of Comfort “Let’s circle up on that.

VP of WebinarsLet’s put it on the calendar.”

Couch Associate “Can everyone see my screen?”

We’re Here for you

During this time we are adjusting to the news coming in minute by minute just like all of you. We’re committed to helping you deliver joyful moments during both good times, and uncertain times like these. Need some ideas to motivate your office to work from home? Click here to get inspired with our work from home kits to keep your team motivated during this marathon.

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Stephanie Taylor

SWAG Specialist