How to Build the Ultimate Swag Bag

Who doesn’t love a good swag bag? When I receive one at an event, I feel like thought was put into it, and lucky to receive it! They make the perfect gift for tradeshows, conferences, client appreciation luncheons, grand openings, and other special events. We’re here to help you build the ultimate swag bag. 


Begin with something fun! Earbuds are something everyone uses and are available at a variety of price points. Bonus Points - they’re nice and small which makes them easy to ship. Wireless earbuds are the best choice because they can easily be used for phones. 


Notebooks are natural for conferences - but if you want to do something unique, we recommend the RocketBook Journals. They are reusable and notes can be exported to your phone or computer. Styluses are a great alternative to the classic pen due to them having multi-purpose. 


If there’s one thing you absolutely must have for a swag bag…well it’s a no-brainer that it’s the actual tote. Totes are ideal for delivering all your swag (plus any printed materials) at the beginning of an event. We love the canvas and cotton options for totes. 

Event Apparel 

You can’t go wrong with a classic t-shirt, but comfy, lightweight layering styles have become a trendy pick for swag bags. Quarter-zips and half-zips can be worn over tees or button-downs which make them great for beyond the event itself. 


Reusable drinkware has been relevant as companies become more environmentally conscious. There are many drinkware options for every event from coffee tumblers to large tumblers for hydration. We love the trendy tumbler with a straw + bonus points if the straw is bendy! 


No one loves it when their phone is low on battery and you’re on the run. Power banks and wireless charging pads are practical and perfect. Wireless chargers are more practical because they work with any type of phone. Aside from that, power banks are another gift that’s lightweight and easy to ship.  

Hand Sanitizer

Attitudes about spreading germs will be forever changed. Including hand sanitizer in a swag bag is a no-brainer. 


Conferences, tradeshows, luncheons, sales meetings - be ready for any type of event with our best ideas for a swag bag. We are here to help and would love to generate ideas with you for your next event. 

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Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja