6 Tips for Working Out at Home

For most of us we are about 1 month into our shelter-in-place orders and the motivation to exercise is harder to come by (Oh wait, is that just me?). This whole experience is stressful and takes up a ton of mental space making us feel stressed, anxious and ultimately, exhausted.

I think the most important thing we can do for ourselves is find at least 10 minutes a day to exercise. When you exercise, your body releases happy chemicals called endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body that can help reduce depression symptoms and stress. Exercise also helps stimulate brain function so you can think more clearly and focus better (all good things for working).

The hardest thing about this pandemic is we don’t know how much longer it will last. Do we need to find the motivation to exercise for another week, another month, another three months? In the meantime, we’ve compiled 6 tips for working out from home and hope they are helpful to you.

Commit to what you think you can achieve each week. Exercising 5 days a week might be unrealistic for you, start with an attainable goal of 2 days a week or 10 minutes a day.

Designate a workout space in your home. Within that space keep a basket with resistance bands, weights, yoga mat and foam rollers so it’s all in one spot. If everything is organized it’s one less roadblock so you can easily workout.

Find a good app to get new workouts. There are a lot of apps with exercises that require zero exercise equipment. Some of our favorite apps are Peloton, SWEAT, and Daily Burn. We love them because you don’t have to commit to a 50 minute workout – they all have quick 10 minute workouts that you can squeeze in your busy day.

Don’t want to shell out the cash for an app, YouTube has plenty of content online. Try searching for a HITT workout. If you are a member of a gym, check out if they are streaming free workouts during this time. Seeing familiar faces could be a pick-me-up and make you feel like you had some human contact and the tiniest sense of normalcy.

Try to squeeze in a workout first thing in the morning. Our willpower starts to diminish over the day so you are more likely to find success exercising earlier in the day.

Get in the right mindset by throwing on your favorite fitness gear.

We’re Here for you

During this time, we are adjusting to the news coming in minute by minute just like all of you. We’re committed to helping you deliver joyful moments during both good times, and uncertain times like these. Want to send a care package to employees with items that will keep them feeling motivated?

An exercise kit would be a thoughtful and perfect way to keep motivation and moral up. You can create a contest to see who can exercise for the most days straight to help employees feel connected. Here’s an example of our Get Moving Kit which includes exercise bands and a printed card with a 24-minute full body workout.

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Stephanie Taylor

SWAG Specialist