5 Tips On How to Successfully Work From Home

Working from home is something we are used to; the Hello Promo crew works from home year round. It isn’t always sunshines and rainbows when working from home but we’ve learned some tricks along the way that we’d love to share!

WFH – Working From Home  

Due to current events and shelter-in-place orders active in many states across the country, a lot of companies have made the decision (if possible) to have their employees work from home. As the US tries to slow down the spread of the virus, peoples’ everyday lives have been disrupted and adaptation to the conditions is needed during this time. Here at Hello Promo, we’re here to help when it comes to working from home. We like to think we have the hang of it!

Tips on Working At Home

When working from home there can be a lot of distractions as well as temptations such as: children running around, dogs barking, cats jumping on your desk, thinking about all the housework you need to complete, and overall staying focused. Here are 5 tips to work from home successfully:

PRO TIP: It will be tempting, but do not work from your bed or couch. It is way too easy to just want to nap instead of work. A space like your kitchen table or your spare room where you can focus is your best bet!

Rolling out of bed and going straight on the computer for work is very tempting and can potentially cause you to drag later on. Allowing yourself time to stretch and wake up and get in a morning routine will help you be more productive.

Set an alarm or multiple throughout the day to set aside time to get up and walk. Rather it’s just getting up to walk around your house and stretching or walking outside briefly; it makes sure your body is still moving and helps you clear your head from work for a minute.

Keeping your designated office space and the area surrounding it clean and organized will help you focus. When I have a mess in my office area, that’s normally all I’m thinking about so if we keep it clean it takes that distraction away.

Adjusting to a new routine and a new work environment can be overwhelming at first. Be positive, turn up that favorite podcast or music, and get your work done! Best part is once you’re done for the day, you have no commute home so you can wind down instantly.

We’re Here for you

During this time we are adjusting to the news coming in minute by minute just like all of you. We’re committed to helping you deliver joyful moments during both good times, and uncertain times like these. Need some ideas to motivate your office to work from home? Click here to get inspired with our work from home kits that is the perfect kick start to this adjustment!

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Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja