4 Trends of 2021

2020 was the year of learning how to roll with it in more than one way. 2021 brings a new start but in so many ways it won’t change for a while. Hello Promo dives into the 4 trends of this year to help you generate ideas.

2021 Trends

Last year was the year of social distancing, safety, and virtual EVERYTHING. PPE and employee apparel were the hottest demanded products we saw with our clients. Safety was first and appreciation of employees was at an all time high. Here are the 4 trends predicted for 2021:

  1. Virtual Life: Zoom calls, FaceTime, and virtual conferences help the show go on even when we cannot be together. This trend will continue with the convenience of just gathering online rather than traveling.

  1. Personal Health: The most obvious effect of the pandemic is a focus on staying healthy. As employees return to the workplace and other public places begin to draw crowds again, there will be a continued effort on prevention of spreading germs.

  1. Renewed Appreciation: In challenging times, businesses and corporations are looking for ways to be more thoughtful in support of their employees, customers and communities. They want to show appreciation for hard work, commitment and loyalty.

  1. Family Time: Spending so much time at home – instead of at the office, mall, gym or movies – has allowed us to rediscover what it means to relax and have fun with family.

Ideas for 2021  

Products such as family games, high-end apparel, phone sanitizers, and virtual event swag correlates with the trends of 2021. Whatever this year brings, we are here for you every step of the way. Click here to check our Virtual Events Shop for more ideas!

Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja