4 Major Themes for Outdoor Gifting

5ks, pool parties, bike trails, company picnics, or barbecues; good weather gives us all kinds of reasons to go outside and have fun! During the nicer months, we’re spending more time in the great outdoors. Tap into what employees and clients are doing during this time of year. Let’s jump into the 4 major themes when it comes to outdoor gifting! 

Entertain + Reconnect at Home 

Bring the entertainment to them whether it’s for the individual to enjoy or for hosting. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the outdoors. From grilling sets to speakers and more, find everything you need to create an entertainment outdoor kit or gift for your clients or employees. 

Get Out & Go

Yoga, biking, or hiking – the outdoors is full of opportunities to connect with nature and find balance. No matter what kind of activities they enjoy, encouraging unplugging from technology and getting outside is excellent for both the mind and body. Think about gifting outdoor accessories for your next company event, from backpacks and coolers to drinkware and comfy apparel! 

Escape the Ordinary

From road trips to camping trips, getting out and exploring is a great way to recharge and escape the monotony of ordinary life. After all, people are traveling more than they have in years. No matter the type of getaway, travel kits & accessories for your next event will be a hit! 

Group Activities + Events 

Tailgate parties, fun runs, playing 18 holes – sometimes the outdoors are best for bringing the team together. Summer is the perfect time to throw a company event to bring your employees together or for a client appreciation celebration!

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Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja