3 Tips on Re-Opening Successfully

We are in a weird time where social events are over zoom, going in public means wearing a mask and respecting social distance standards, and the overuse of hand sanitizer is not frowned upon. The new normal changes how business operates now and in the future. How do we help people feel comfortable in our business and have a successful reopen?

Reopening Slowly but Surely

It seems like it’s been forever since going out in public wasn’t just for essentials. Our new normal has people on the edge of their seat and rightly so. As we slowly reopen businesses, it’s important for employees and guests to feel comfortable and overall SAFE.

Here are 3 tips on how to successfully reopen your doors:

  1. Use signs and communicate clearly what you’re doing for safety precautions. Using steps on what employees are doing to stay safe, social distance floor decals, a list of rules in your business, and/or hand washing steps can help employees know what your company is doing to be safe. Showing it visually for all to see is a great reminder to employees and a transparent message for visitors and patrons.
  2. Have sanitizer stations. One way to slow the spread is continually washing our hands. When hand washing is not an option, a gel sanitizer station works great.
  3. Follow your state’s standards to reopen. Every state is different on what it requires to reopen a company. You can find the CDC suggestions here.

We Have You Covered

During this time we are adjusting to the news coming in minute by minute just like all of you. We’re committed to helping you adjust to this ever changing new normal we are experiencing.  Need some ideas to re-open in this new environment? Click here to get inspired with our safety tools to keep you, your employees, and clients safe.

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Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja