3 Kits to Kick Start Your Digital Detox

How many times a day do you find yourself grabbing your phone and just scrolling on social media? How many hours of Netflix have you watched? The answer is probably too much. On average there are 697,000 hours’ worth of Netflix watched PER MINUTE and 1 million Facebook logins a day! Give your eyes a break and PUT THE DANG PHONE DOWN.

Digital Detox Here We Come

I’m not sure about you, but after working on a computer all day and the random checks on social media, my eyes and head hurt by the end of the day! In today’s society, we have become obsessed with current events and social media because news, celebrity gossip, status updates, entertainment and more is all at our fingertips. Motivate your clients and employees to drop there phone and stay present with these 3 Digital Detox Kits:

This first kit gives tips on how to start your digital detox, helps you relax, and gives you other activities you can do besides scroll on your phone!

The Family Movie Night Kit is a great way to spend time together without the phones. You’re still watching a movie, but you are engaged. Lock up the phones until the movie night is over to stay present!

Whether it is with employees, friends, or family, kick start your game night with this kit! Lock up your phones to stay present and enjoy the night!

Stay Present  

With distractions of technology, a new Netflix show dropping every week, and our social connections on social media platforms, it is hard to not want to look on your phone constantly. Do not forget what is more important in your life like your interactions with your family and friends. Check here for more ideas on where to get started on your digital detox.

Sam Sonnenberg

Organization Ninja